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    Here we are again proudly announcing .......


    The 2021 6th annual Love City Car Show, is ON ! Due to Covid the 2020 show was canceled by our Governor. The show will be held again on the Coral Bay Ball Field being run in conjunction with the Coral Bay Labor Day Events and Parade. Vehicles registered in the car show will be permitted to participate in the parade Monday morning.


    St John and the Virgin Islands are still recovering from two category five hurricanes (Irma and Maria) that hit us two years ago but we find ourselves really excited about this years Car Show being held again in Coral Bay on Labor Day September 7, 2020. As in the past we are working with St John Festival Committee in revitalizing the "back time" Labor Day festivities held in Coral Bay. The Love City Annual Car Show's mission is to support the youth of St John. We offer alternative activities for the children and encourage them to get involved right here at home on St John. At the same time we are bringing our very special community together for a fun time of food, drink, entertainment and a car show!.


    The sound category is bigger than ever and we will have many more motorcycles and trucks and antique cars and well you get the idea.


    FM radio station 90.9 will be broadcasting live from the field. Also with the generous efforts of Love City Community Network, there will be video streamed from the show. This is the group that provided free internet immediately after the hurricanes to St John and are still doing so four years later.


    There will be more food and drink vendors, more music with a DJ and a possible live band again. We are adding more activities for the children including our popular "HOT WHEELS" race track.


    Please show your support and plan to attend.

    Admission $5.00 Adults ---- Children 12 and under $3.00 (includes free matchbox car)










    ST John, Virgin Islands

  • Our Back Story

    How the smallest US Virgin Island came to host the fastest growing car show in the Caribbean

    An Idea was born

    "BIG" Al

    "Big" Al Smith a native St Johnian has always had a passion for cars. He has way too many sitting in his garage, car port, under tents and in the driveway! Al loves finding and restoring all sorts of vehicles. His trophy winning 1975 Camaro was inherited from his Grandfather on St Croix. He shipped it off to the states and had it fully restored from the frame up. It is truly is a winner. Al met Jay Swartley when Jay and his wife Athena moved to St John 15 years ago.


    Jay has owned some nice cars over the years but living on St John and being in construction he now has a pickup! Because Jay works in construction he met and works with a St Thomian named Steve Joseph who operates a backhoe. Steve shared many stories with Jay over the years. He spoke of growing up on St Thomas and being involved with cars, racing and restoring bugs (Volkswagen Beetles), Steve's specialty.


    Steve often said to Jay how being involved with cars as a youth kept him out of trouble and gave him an opportunity to apply himself to something he really loved. This gave Jay the idea that with Al's help they could hold a car show on St John (known locally as Love City). The show would attract many car owners throughout the Virgin Islands who work hard to locate vehicles that can be restored or modified to true show pieces. The car show provides a venue to display them while attracting and involving the youth and car enthusiasts.

  • The Beginning

    How it All Happened

    The Show must Go On!

    When Jay started thinking about who he knew that had a real passion for cars he couldn't help but approach "Big" Al. When Jay asked Al if he would help with the organizing of the show "Big" Al jumped at the opportunity. The premise for the show would be to include St John cars, trucks, motorcycles, dune buggies, etc and find a location that would attract the most visitors.


    The show involves locals, tourists and most of all the young people. Expanding to include St Thomas was important and now this year 2017, we are inviting St Croix and Tortola in the British Virgin Islands.


    The first year (2015) Al and Jay had the help of St John Festival Committee in locating and organizing the event. St John Festival Committee are the organizers of St John Festival (carnival) every year and have experience with large events. Winston Wells Ball Field in Cruz Bay was selected because it is convenient for St Thomas and the larger Cruz Bay population however the field became crowded with over 70 vehicles the first year.


    The Second Annual Love City Car Show moved to the center of the island utilizing Chester's Getaway (local restaurant) and "The Landing" a St Johnian establishment founded for it's local crafts, food and culture. Again the space proved to be tight and with the Labor Day rain participation was down.


    For the Third Annual Love City Car Show the venue has been moved across the island to the Coral Bay Ball Field where there will be space for over 300 vehicles. St John Festival Committee hosts a Labor Day Parade and other family oriented activities in Coral Bay every year. So the decision was made to share the field and add some more attractions to the Labor Day Event with the help of the Love City Annual Car Show.


    It is 2018 and time for the Fourth Annual Love City Car Show. One year ago the Virgin Islands suffered two category five hurricanes only two weeks apart. Hurricane Irma September 6 and Hurricane Maria September 20th. Two days before Irma struck St John with over 200 mph wind guts, we were on the Coral Bay field celebrating our Third Annual Car Show. It was a huge success considering so many were preparing for the on coming hurricane. While we are still recovering from the storms the Fourth Annual will be a celebration of gratitude.


    2019 and we are preparing for the Fifth Annual Love City Car Show. Last year at the Fourth Annual Car Show the number of vehicles was down about 10% but attendance was up by more than 20%. Many vehicles were damaged in the hurricanes and rebuilding roofs and houses was a priority over repairs to the cars. For 2019 while there are still many homes unfinished or abandoned, many new cars and trucks are coming out to "show off". We look forward to our best ever show with plans already in the works for the 6th that will truly be amazing and a trend setter. Our donations to St John's Youth Organizations continues to grow thanks to our many sponsors.

  • What We Do

    Our mission is to provide a community event featuring a car show involving the youth of St John and the Virgin Islands.



    Because we were founded on the principal of supporting our local community, we donate all of the proceeds and sponsor donations to a St John Youth Organization each year.

  • Who We Are

    We are an inclusive event.


    Cars, trucks, motorcycles from St John, St Thomas, St Croix and Tortola, BVI are all invited!

    Jay Swartley and "Big" Al Smith

    St John friends Alston Smith and Jay Swartley

    Jay and "Big" Al started the Love City Car Show on St John in the Virgin Islands. It began with an idea to bring the St John youth out and involve them in a constructive community event.

  • Who's Talking About Us

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    The Love City Pan Dragons was founded in 1998 to provide a healthy positive extracurricular cultural experience for St. John students from elementary through high school



    click link above and then listen to our radio interview

  • Who's Talking About Us

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    The Dynamic Dancers

    The Dynamic Dancers are a local dance group with girls ages 3 to 16 who perform a fusion of calypso, hip hop, and gymnastics. What began as a trio five years ago has expanded into a group of 38 members strong. Members choreograph the dances themselves, and in the past the group has performed at multiple events throughout St. Thomas Carnival and St. John Festival.


    The $500.00 check given to St John’s Dynamic Dancers is in keeping with the organizations mission to give back to St John Youth.


    Love City Car Show co-founders Jay Swartley left and "Big" Al Smith far right present a $500.00 check to St. John School of the Arts Jude Woodcock with Senator Payne (Love City Car Show participant and member from the beginning!)

    St John School Of The Arts

    The St. John School of the Arts empowers our island’s youth and their families through our passion for music, dance, theatre and visual arts. Our programs seek to instill creativity and a greater sense of collaboration throughout our diverse community. We believe the arts have the power to transform lives and inspire greatness by instilling poise, confidence, and character.


    The $500.00 check given to St John School of the Arts Scholarship Program is in keeping with the organizations mission to give back to St John Youth.

  • Who's Talking About Us

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    The “KATS”, KIDS AND THE SEA St. John, is a non profit marine organization which promotes kids safely having fun on the water, through an educational program taught by volunteers. By doing so it brings together the Virgin Islands’ greatest human resource - its youth - and its greatest natural resource - the sea.


    The $500.00 check given to KATS is in keeping with the organizations mission to give back to St John Youth.

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